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Cette école accueille des enfants aux profils ethniques et religieux variés.

La plupart proviennent d'environnements pauvres et leur parcours scolaire est très limité. La situation est rendue encore plus problématique par le fait que les parents ne sont souvent pas en mesure de soutenir leurs enfants comme il le faudrait à cause de problèmes économiques, sociaux et linguistiques.

La fondation aide aux enfants Regine Sixt soutient désormais, avec la Fondation Tel Aviv Yaffo, l'installation d'un nouveau système informatique sans fil doté de 36 ordinateurs portables et destiné à améliorer les conditions d'enseignement.

Afin de permettre aux 300 élèves provenant d'horizons religieux différents de mieux appréhender les technologies modernes, ayant trait aux langues et aux sciences naturelles et la réduction des difficultés d'apprentissage des enfants de manière à améliorer leurs résultats scolaires.

Lettre de remerciement de Tel Aviv - Fondation YAFFO:

Dear Mrs. Sixt,we would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you on your generous contribution of the Mobile Computer Lab to the Hashmonaim School. Enclosed are updated pictures of your donation in daily use. Your gift has immensely improved both the access to knowledge and learning environment of the 317 students and their educational faculty. In addition, the mobile computer lab will benefit future incoming students, who will gain from your generosity for years to come.

The majority of the Hashmonaim School's parent population does not have the financial resources nor the educational background to support their children's educational development. Catering to a mixed-ethnic, low socioeconomic population, the staff strive to provide students with the essential academic resources often lacking within their homes. Your generous donation implemented wireless networking of the entire school site, a portable computer lab filled with laptops for student and staff use, a charging dock, and an interactive projector. These items significantly further teachers' instruction and provide the means for success for every student.
Two students from the Hashmonaim' School had this to share about the impact of computers on their education:


" When the teacher explained in class I did not understand, after I saw the information on the computer it all made sense." - 5th grader

"When we learn in class sometimes it's difficult for me to concentrate, the computers keep me interested." -4th grader

Michal Nachum, Principal of the Hashmonaim School states "our school faces many unique challenges as the majority of our students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds, a variety of cultures, and many are recent immigrants to Israel. The addition of the mobile computer lab promotes visual learning through innovative technologies that can be adapted for all students. Additionally, the new lab also encourages technology exposure and skills to the teaching staff that will advance the process of instruction and in turn permits further academic development to occur. We are grateful for everything your donation has and will continue to do for the betterment of the school".

Your gift will make an ongoing academic impact on the lives of the children and families of this special educational facility. The City of Tel Aviv Municipality and the Tel Aviv-Yaffo Foundation were proud to partner with you on this project and value our ongoing relationship. This unique project instills pride in everyone associated with it.

Best Regards,

Ron Huldai
Mayor of Tel Aviv and International Chairman of the Tel Aviv-Yaffo Foundation

Zvi Kanor
Director General The Tel Aviv- Yaffo Foundation